Cricket Mobile Wicket Covers - Grounds Equipment

pvc cricket rain covers

PVC Rain Covers

PVC wicket rain cover. Lightweight PVC rain covers for quick and cost effective water control.

County Cricket rain covers

Heavy Duty Rain Covers

Heavy Duty cricket PVC drag on rain covers. Heavyweight suitable for county level clubs. Grab handles.

cricket wicket frost cover

Cricket Frost Covers

Offers wicket protection from frost up to -10c. Simple throwdown application which can be pegged down.

mobile cricket wicket covers

Mobile Wicket Covers

Budget domed mobile cricket wicket covers are perfect for small to medium sized cricket clubs and schools.

professional cricket mobile wicket covers

Pro Wicket Covers

Premier grade covers with a heavy weight canvas top. Heavy duty galvanised steel chassis and guttering.

wicket water collector drum

Water Collector

For clearing and socking up water from wicket pitches. Used by most county level clubs groundsmen.

whitle line cricket boundary marker wheel

Water Drag Brush

Heavy duty steel framed cricket pitch wicket water drag brush. Wooden frame and plate. Nylon bristle heads.

large size electronic scoreboard

Boundary Marker

Heavy duty standard width white line boundary marker wheel. With high quality wheel marker from a top drum.

cricket wicket marker frame

Crease Marker

Cricket folding crease marker frame. MCC standard specification lightweight steel crease marker frame.

cricket boundary rope

Boundary Rope

MCC standard full length 220m match boundary rope coil. 24mm thick rope twine with inner twist.

boundary rope trolley

Rope Trolley

Stores up to 400 meters of rope up to 35mm thickness. Ensures ropes are stored in good condition.

Nationwide Installation Service

Residential Garden Practice Area's

From £8,495.00 Including installation

Bespoke and flexible cricket practice area solutions for residential and garden use. Singlular steel batting cages with custom length all weather pitch surfaces.

Senior / Junior Club & Schools Area's

From £18,250.00 Including Installation. Maintenance Options.

Commercial and public use outdoor and indoor cricket practice area's suitable for schools, universities and cricket club use up to ECB test specification.