indoor cricket matting

Indoor Cricket Matting

A PVC backed rolldown indoor cricket mat

Excellent 2m wide indoor cricket matting. Non slip underside with built in shock padding. Offers great grip charateristics for use with cricket 5.5oz hardballs. Simply rolls out for play. Can be used on indoor surfaces such as hardwood or plate flooring. Gym flooring or cement. Tufted surface. Good for schools or club use.

£245.00 Total Price

All prices include mainland delivery, packaging costs and all UK taxes including VAT.

Installation Service

We offer a nationwide IOSH & CHAS accredited cricket equipment and cricket practice area construction service for heavy duty cricket equipment within schools, universities, cricket clubs and private residences.

Delivery Information

All items include FREE UK mainland delivery. Small items 2-4 days. Large or heavy items (over 35kg) up to 10 days. International delivery by arrangement only.

Non Turf Cricket Surfaces - Residential & Professional

coconut cricket matting

Coconut Matting

Traditional coconut cricket matting. A standard cricket mat used around to knock down rough ground.

indoor cricket surface matting

Indoor Cricket Matting

Excellent 2m wide indoor cricket matting with non slip underside and built in absorbent shock padding.

pvc backed non turf cricket pitch mat

Outdoor PVC Matting

2m wide outdoor grade PVC backed cricket matting. Cricket matting with built in PVC shock padding.

professional non turf cricket pitch matting

Pro Outdoor PVC Matting

Professional county club specification PVC non turf pitch matting with tufted surface for spin bowling.

14mm cricket surround matting

Tufted AP14 Matting

The AP14 tufted PVC backed matting is a capable non turf cricket pitch top surface PVC carpet.

cricket shock padding

AP10 Shock Padding

AP10 club grade shock padding. An ideal shock under carpet for full weight ball use with AP14 top surface.

cricket run up matting

Bowlers Run Up Mats

Rubber throwdown bowlers run up mats. A handy 1m x 1m weatherproof non slip throwdown mat surface.

cricket mat trolley

Cricket Mat trolley

Steel wheeled cricket mat storage trolley. For the transport and secure storage of cricket matting rolls.

cricket bonding glue

Mat Bonding Glue

PVC bonding glue for bondong PVC backed outdoor cricket mats to hard surfaces such as cement or tarmac.

Nationwide Installation Service

Residential Garden Practice Area's

From £8,495.00 Including installation

Bespoke and flexible cricket practice area solutions for residential and garden use. Singlular steel batting cages with custom length all weather pitch surfaces.

Senior / Junior Club & Schools Area's

From £18,250.00 Including Installation. Maintenance Options.

Commercial and public use outdoor and indoor cricket practice area's suitable for schools, universities and cricket club use up to ECB test specification.