Cricket Coaching - Senior & Junior Training Equipment

pvc cricket catch cradle

PVC Catch Cradle

PVC Durable all weather alternative slip catch cradle for junior to senior cricket coaching and training.

wooden slip catch cradle

Slip Catch Cradle

LTraditional wooden slip catch cradle. For training and cricket coaching. Enables slip catch practice.

cricket wicket frost cover

Flexi Stumps

Rubber flexi stumps. A lightweight auto return cricket stump set. For batting and bowling practive.

wooden spring back stumps

Wooden Spring Stumps

Wooden iron base Slazenger spring return stumps. Quality practice stumps set which return back once hit.

steel spring back stumps

Steel Spring Stumps

Tubular steel spring stumps throughout to overcome the problem of broken stumps. Solid iron base plate.

wicket water collector drum

Ball Rebound Net

Ball rebound trainer for practicing ball catching and throwing with a rebound net that improves reactions.

cricket rebound reaction net

Reaction Rebounder

Crazy ball rebound rection training net. Offers a great ball rebound random action to improve reaction times

soft cricket training ball

Cricket Softball

Great for cricket coaching and cricket training. 3.5oz moves like a full sized ball with a dulled bounce.

ball speed radar gun

Ball Speed Reader

Ball speed Doppler radar gun. Ideal for cricket practice. Measures the speed of a passing ball with LCD display.

Nationwide Installation Service

Residential Garden Practice Area's

From £8,495.00 Including installation

Bespoke and flexible cricket practice area solutions for residential and garden use. Singlular steel batting cages with custom length all weather pitch surfaces.

Senior / Junior Club & Schools Area's

From £18,250.00 Including Installation. Maintenance Options.

Commercial and public use outdoor and indoor cricket practice area's suitable for schools, universities and cricket club use up to ECB test specification.