Cricket Bowling Machines - 12v Battery & 240v Mains

paceman bowling machine

Paceman Original 240v

Paceman original 240v 12 light ball cricket bowling machine with adjustable tripod and mains power pack.

paceman strike cricket bowling machine

Paceman Strike 240v

Paceman strike 12 x hardball 240v powered cricket bowling machine with tripod and 12v inverter pack.

paceman pro cricket bowling machine

Paceman Pro 240v

Paceman pro 12 x hardball 240v powered cricket bowling machine with tripod and 12v inverter pack.

bola club cricket bowling machine

BOLA Club Machine

The BOLA Club cricket bowling machine. Offers a great bowling system for clubs or school or home use.

cricket pvc sight screen

BOLA Pro Machine

The BOLA Professional cricket bowling machine. Designed for county level cricket players up to 95mph.

bola auto ball feeder

BOLA Auto Feeder

BOLA automatic ball feeder. Holds 28 bola balls and feeds every 7 or 11 seconds. Easy to reload.

bola battery power pack

BOLA 12v Battery Pack

12v BOLA battery power pack. Designed for the BOLA range of cricket machines. Offers up to 8 hours use.

bola mains power pack

BOLA 240v Power Pack

BOLA power pack delivers the correct amount of 240v mains power to BOLA club and pro cricket machines.

bola bowling balls

BOLA Machine Balls

12 Pack of solid dimpled cricket machine hardballs designed for use with all BOLA cricket machines.

paceman cricket balls

Paceman Machine Balls

Additional Paceman hardballs and Paceman lightballs for use in Paceman cricket bowling machine feeders.

ball speed radar gun

Ball Speed Reader

Ball speed Doppler radar gun. Ideal for cricket practice. Measures the speed of a passing ball with LCD display.

Nationwide Installation Service

Residential Garden Practice Area's

From £8,495.00 Including installation

Bespoke and flexible cricket practice area solutions for residential and garden use. Singlular steel batting cages with custom length all weather pitch surfaces.

Senior / Junior Club & Schools Area's

From £18,250.00 Including Installation. Maintenance Options.

Commercial and public use outdoor and indoor cricket practice area's suitable for schools, universities and cricket club use up to ECB test specification.